If correctly cared for, most plants will need repotting. Without repotting the plants roots begin to circle, the plants health begins to drop and the soil becomes exhausted of nutrients to feed the plant (BioBav can help with this).  But how do you know when to repot? 

Firstly, roots will start growing through the drainage holes in the current pot, also you might see the soil raising up as the roots push the plant up in the pot. Less easy to notice will be a slowing in the plant’s growth (not to be confused with winter dormancy). Other signs could be that the plant has become too top heavy for the pot and falls over, also if the watering frequency has increased and the soil regularly looks dry.

How to repot your plant:

  1. Water the plant the night before. It will be easier to remove the plant from the current pot.
  2. Choose a pot that is around 2-3 inches larger in diameter as the new pot.
  3. Add fresh compost to the bottom of the new pot (never garden soil).
  4. Gently remove your plant from its existing pot, holding the base of the plant and the pot, gently pull. (This should be easy if you watered the night before).
  5. Loosen the roots gently by hand, as well as some of the soil surrounding the roots.
  6. Place the plant in the new pot on top of the pre placed compost making sure you leave around an inch of space between the soil and the top of the pot.
  7. Add compost around the root ball, gently firm the soil down but not too hard.
  8. Stand back with a cup of tea and look at your achievement.