All plant parents forget to water their plant once in a while. Under and overwatering can be one of the main problems plants face when they are reliant on us to do it. Each plant type uses different amounts of water, and then that plant type will use different amounts dependent on its size. Then the amount of water a plant needs is also affected by its surroundings, such as light, drainage, humidity and temperature.

The simple rules to follow:

  1. Read instructions carefully, all plants require different amounts of water
  2. Water temperature should always be as close to room temperature as possible
  3. When watering, if the soil is dry then water until it is damp, not until overflowing
  4. The larger the plant, the more water it tends to need, as a rule water around ¼ of the size of the plant pot.
  5. Don’t forget your feed, whether that’s daily or weekly. Always follow instructions
  6. 30 minutes after watering, discard any excess water in the saucer under the plant