Getting the amount of light for your plant is one of the easiest things to get right and wrong. Most plants come with basic instructions to the amount of light they need. We will look at indoor plants for this.  

  • When instructions read bright or full light, this plant needs direct access to sunlight with nothing impeding this. They tend to respond best to being on a window sill or in an area that gets direct light all day.
  • Medium or filtered light plants enjoy light that’s slightly diluted, whether that’s behind some kind of shade or a sheer curtain.  So, some obstructions between the main light source and the plant are a must.  If we look at these plants, they tend to be forest floor plants that have the tree canopy between them and the sun, so you need to recreate this setting indoors. Some direct sunlight can be ok, but not all day.
  • Lastly, we have low light plants. These plants prefer no direct sunlight, and are best kept over a meter away from a window.  These plants tend to need less nutrients.

It’s also with giving your plant a ¼ turn each time you water so each side gets optimal sunlight for growth.

Always read the instructions. Your plant will naturally tell you how it feels through changes in colour and wilting leaves.