Happy plants

Plants can easily suffer from element and mineral deficiencies or stagnate with old soil, turning yellow and weak. BioBav Problem Solver is the quick and easy solution to keep your beloved plants happy.

Revive, don't throw!

100% organic

Plant upgrader

The best way to prevent problems for your plants it's to feed them correctly. BioBav is not only a problem solver, it works as a base feed and can be used regularly, providing all the organically sourced macro and micro minerals needed. Learn all about the product here.

"I'm very impressed with this product, used it on my houseplant that looked dead and now it's green and beautiful again!

Emma Smith, Norwich

I got a variegated monstera that I take cuttings from, it's looking better than ever now.

Paul George, London

Tested side by side, results were amazing. Much greener, taller and overall healthier. 100% recommend this product.

Karen Clark, Leicester

Easy to use, cannot go wrong, plants looking happier than ever.

Adam H. Brown, Basingstoke

I've been using it weekly on all my garden and house plants and I can tell the difference, looking more envigorated.

Ezra Jones, Hastings

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