All plants need food to thrive. The majority of house plants (minus those that are carnivorous) need feeding the basic nutrients (NPK) nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Most common are liquid feeds, these are either organic or mineral NPK based feeds.

With house plants they sit in the same soil, slowly taking all the nutrients out of the soil until there is not enough left to feed the plant. Add root growth to this and soon you have a plant with not enough root space and no nutrients it can feed itself with. See repotting. See soil care.

  1. Always read the instructions carefully, do not exceed recommended dosages
  2. Mix solution well with water before feeding.  Unless stated, do not apply directly to plant
  3. Keep a regular schedule, maybe set reminders.
  4. If you overfeed, miss the next one

By using BioBav you replace and rejuvenate the good bits in soil around the plant, whilst also giving the plant the much-needed nutrients it deserves. 

Always follow the recommended feeding on the bottle or box. Over feeding your plant can be just as damaging as underfeeding.